April 30 2016

The Jungle Book

Because today was a birthday, we were celebrating the day in Euskirchen in the Cineplex. There we watched the Jungle Book in 3d. 3d Of course was not worth it again at all and was out foundered money… The movie was great animated. The animals all looked very realistic. Unfortunately, the synchronous voices did not fit into the animal. Especially the voice of Baghira we found creepy. Hats off of course before the 13jährigen boy the Mowgli played and played very sovereignly the lead role and the almost only human role. The story was inspired by the classics of Disney, only a few parts were omitted, supplemented or altered. This did not stop the film but was a pleasant change. Unfortunately, the film has a total of less emotion than the beautiful old cartoon. It worked in part somewhat unloving and being eccentric. Presumably the animator wanted to place as many special effects as possible and was shot beyond the target. Unfortunately, the film has lost much of its original charm, which can also be the music's fault… All Disney movies put so much emphasis on their emotionally charged songs and if the missing, then something is just wrong. The music could have been quietly built into the film. Our rating

April 30 2016

Brewery Volcano-30.04.2016

After our visit to the worlds of volcanoes, we needed a strengthening. Since the brewery is just around the corner, we went there. Luckily, there is a continuous hot kitchen, so we got something even at 16:00. We ordered a schnitzel in beer bread breading with fried potatoes and pork medallions from a pig from the Eifel with homemade noodles, which were really delicious. The sauce had a light beer taste and was delicious. [Gallery type = "rectangular" ids = "178, 179, 177"] We also bought some souvenirs as you can see. A beer bottle as a magnet and a sticker with the logo of the Volcano Brewery. We also bought a beer bread, which is produced in cooperation with the bakery Prümtaler. However, we were quite disappointed, because it does not taste like beer, but rather as a perfectly normal brown bread.

April 30 2016

Excursion to Mendig am 30.04.2016

Today we were in Mendig.

[Code People-post-map] There we visited the Lavadome. This is an exhibition on volcanoes in the Eifel. It is a modern building with various exhibits and stories, such as volcanic rocks and models where children can learn playfully how a volcano can erupt. In the exhibition "Talking Stones" You can listen to stories of volcanic eruptions and watch films. Above all the idea of the eruption of the volcano in the Eifel was very vividly illustrated. The fictitious scenario of a new major volcanic eruption in the region was also very realistic and frightening. Afterwards we took part in a guided tour into the Volcano Cellar. It lasts about 1h and takes place on weekends 3 * daily. We had to put on a protective helmet and there were also protective jackets that could be worn because it was dripping in the cave. You can climb 150 steps into the basement or take a lift. At the end of our visit we were late lunch in the brewery of the brewing volcano.   [Gallery type = "rectangular" link = "None" ids = "28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 181"] In the last photo you can admire our souvenirs from the lava dome. 😉 We bought a magnet and a sticker with the logo, a magnetic bat and a bracelet made of basalt and coral.

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