January 2 2019

Wedding in Bad Segeberg-The Preparation

This year there is a big event ahead: Our wedding!

Sounds great at first, but unfortunately it's not as easy as we thought. To make it easier for you, let's give some tips here.

Before you get married, some preparations need to be made:

  1. You need a certified copy from your birth register. The birth certificate is no longer sufficient. There are websites such as www.standesamt.com that offer the service to order the copy online. Unfortunately, they mainly want to make money and require additional processing and shipping lump sums. Prefer to call directly in the birth register and order the transcripts directly there. The cost is £10per each. If you request multiple copies, everyone costs another €66.
  2. You need an extended registration certificate from the registration office where you live. You usually get them directly without waiting at the town hall at the Info and it costs €6am each.
  3. Get an appointment in time at the registry office to register your wedding and have the marriage suspensions checked. The registry office in Bad Segeberg can be reached under these telephone numbers: 04551-964-318 or 04551-964-320. We spoke to a woman Regier and with a waiting time of approx. Receive an afternoon appointment for 4 weeks. The registry office is only open to notorious bear from 14am to 18am 00 on Thursday. At the latest on this date, registration certificate, copy from the birth register and a valid identity card must be presented. Sending the scanned forms as well as phone number by e-mail speeds up the registration process. This appointment will cost £50th.
December 31 2018

Cold paws at Charles's Ice Age

Since we visit relatives of our wife over New Year's Eve, we decided today to take a detour to the 16th century. Ice age at Charles's Strawberry farm in Rövershagen, near Rostock.

This is the size of the ice figure exhibition in Germany! It goes from 22.12.2018 to 03.11.2019. During this period, for the price of €8.50 for large beards and €6.50 for small bear, annual tickets can be purchased, which entitle them to enter the exhibition. Interesting to know: Very small bear (up to a maximum of 90 cm in size) come in for free.

Equipped with a cap and winter bag, we went to the cold room. The 16th. Ice Age is called "Come into the Land of Fantasy" and shows creatures designed by children at 21 stations in addition to figures from fairy tales and legends.

Next to each sculpture is a sign showing the curious panda who made the figure and which country the artists come from. In addition, the sign also discloses information about the meaning of the figure in the land of its creator.

For small bearse visitors, the exhibition offers some nice slides on which to clog with canvas bags.

Multi-lane, large ice slide

Big bears don't miss out either, though, because there's a bar with alcoholic beverages in the exhibition to get the inner warmth. In addition, there is an ice hotel where two pandas can stay for €129,000 a night. This year it has the design of a quaint witch's cottage and is personally guarded by Baba Yaga. 😉

All sculptures in the Ice Age are illuminated with constantly changing, colored light, which makes the imagination very nicely accentuated in the exhibition.

The 16th. Ice world is the first in which there are moving figures. At one of the stations you can admire two puppets, which perform a small dance at fixed intervals.

The dancing ice marionettes

After our visit we had a bear hunger and treated ourselves outside at the snack "Iss Wurst" a strawberry bratwurst with fries and a strawberry cola. The sausage tasted slightly sweet, but unfortunately not really like strawberry. 🙁 For that, you tasted the strawberry in the Coke, even if it was too sweet for Ana. For dessert, we treated ourselves to a waffle with strawberry grits and vanilla sauce in the strawberry waffle house. Very tasty and highly recommended!

December 19 2018

Beards in Nuremberg: A journey back in time to the Middle Ages

Since I have friends in Nuremberg and have visited her before, I wanted to introduce her to Ana.

To mark the occasion, we had reserved a table at Finya's Tavern for tonight. Located in the Old Town, it is a short walk away from the hustle and bustle of Christkindlesmarkt.

Finya's tavern looks more like a normal half-timbered house from the outside, but inside is a rustic tavern in a medieval look. The friendly service personnel wear medieval prayers to match the ambience. There are only lamps in the bathroom (and hopefully also in the kitchen), but the bar room is only lit with candles. Due to the light donated only by candles, it is very dawning in the tavern. We met with the others at 17:8pm, shortly after the tavern opened its doors. The building spans three floors: A basement where you can party with larger groups, a ground floor and the first floor, both intended for "normal" crowd traffic.

The Schankraum in the chummanoeuvre candlelight

At first, we all ordered ourselves something to eat. Ana and I chose a garlic bread and a small peppery hopping pot as a starter. As the main course, Ana opted for a self-covered flame cake Basteley with smoked salmon, mushrooms, garlic oil and camembert. In addition, the flame cake was coated with Schmand. He tasted her very good, although she would have liked to have had more topping. I, on the other hand, ordered the wild dragout with red cabbage and homemade spätzle. Very tasty and a real insider tip! Since my Ana is a small naller full, she still ordered a portion of griescess with roasted almond slices, cinnamon and pears. She's still raving about it today! Exmpted throughout the evening, we drank various drinks. The beginning was a raspberry Cassis Limo and a pear juice. This was followed by a cherry juice, as well as two small and one large water.

In keeping with the presentation of the tavern, the drinks were served in clay cups, the garlic bread on a wooden board and the other dishes on clay plates or bowls. The clay jugs can also be purchased! We were very satisfied with the value for money. Luckily we had enough cash with us because it can only be paid in cash.

Of course, we didn't just spend the evening there eating and drinking! Since we are enterprising beards, we took the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the fantastic world of Lorakis with our friends to bring the adventure "The Seidene City" to a close. I was especially pleased to finally be able to play splinter moon at a table!

We and our character arc

After the successful end of the adventure and a nice evening together in the tavern, we made our way home at about 2pm, well saturated and satisfied.

For all those who also feel like a detour to Finya's tavern another piece of advice: The Schänke is always well attended and you should therefore reserve a table!

December 17 2018

Beards in Nuremberg: In the footsteps of Albrecht Dürer-Part 2

We remember: In the first part of our journey through Nuremberg we visited St. John's Cemetery to look for the tomb of Albrecht Dürer. We eventually found it, but without Albrecht inside.

After a relaxing evening at the Christkindles market with a lot of warming children's punch, we took our second excursion to the Albrecht Dürer Haus the next day.

The Dürer House

Albrecht Dürer actually lived there from 1509 until his death in 1528! So a good point of contact to learn a little more about this famous German painter.

Since the Albrecht Dürer Haus is now a museum, we first had to pay admission. This one costs £66B for adult and £1.50 for small bear. In addition, there is a free audio guide, into which you can conveniently enter the number of the exhibit and then learn about it. Very practical! At certain times there are also guided tours with his wife Agnes Dürer through the four-storey museum. Of course, the good is not immortal and not a vampire, but merely an actress;) At first we were very happy to be able to see at least some pictures of Albrecht Dürer, but then had to learn that all the exhibits in the museum are only well-made copies:( The only exception is an exhibition piece on the top floor, which comes from a private collection and changes annually.

The house is very nice to look at and filled with a lot of information about Albrecht Dürer and his life. Some of the living spaces, for example, are prepared as they did in Dürer's lifetime. Among other things, there is a kitchen, a studio, a dining and a living room.

For energetic bears, there is even a high-pressure press on the second floor, which we were able to operate ourselves during our visit. A nice lady explained the press to us and I was allowed to print a picture myself and keep it as a souvenir! 😀 On the top floor there is the special exhibition ichDÜRERdu, which was designed by the Nuremberg artist Susanne Carl until the tenth of February. Finally, it should be said that it can be photographed throughout the museum (logically without lightning), only the original exhibit is not.

After our powers consuming stay at the museum, it was now time for lunch. We didn't make our choice for this, because we wanted to try regional specialities. After a long back and forth, we decided on the "Augustinian to the barrier." This one was well attended at lunchtime, but thanks to our cuteness and irresistible bear charm, we still got a table. Ana ordered 9 Nuremberg rust sausages with potato salad and a white lemonade. I ordered a crustal shincel with sauerkraut and potato chlock, plus a Spezi. The food came in, for this time, acceptable pace and tasted us very good! In addition, the service staff were very friendly and the prices affordable.

When leaving the restaurant, now well saturated and full of drive, something else caught our eye: On the square at the Tiergarten Gate there is a sculpture called "The Hare," which was designed in reference to the well-known Dürer bunny by Jürgen Goertz. However, we found them quite disturbing. : shock:

The bunny of Jürgen Goertz
December 16 2018

Beards in Nuremberg: In the footsteps of Albrecht Dürer-Part 1

After a long absence, we finally get back in the new year. We have revised our concept a bit, renovated the website and are now reporting on new things from the world of bear every Wednesday. :

) Today we want to start with an initial report on our holiday in Nuremberg, which we took just before Christmas.

Why the title "In the footsteps of Albrecht Dürer"? The famous German painter Albrecht Dürer lived in Nuremberg for a long time and has therefore left some paw prints in the city. So we snapped our paw savers, put on our poodle hats and went looking.

Following a first weather, our sniffer noses led us to St. John's Cemetery, where the tomb of Albrecht Dürer is located. In the dense snow, we brave disoriented between the gravestones.

St. John's Cemetery

Half froze and with wet fur, we finally asked a visitor to the cemetery who luckily knew where the tomb is. While leading us there, he explained to us that in the cemetery there are small signposts to the graves of famous personalities as well as a complete map of the situation. However, due to the weather conditions, these were completely snow-covered and unrecognisable to us. But now that we knew what to look for, we quickly managed to find the tomb.

If you are as desperate as we are about the cemetery, here is a tip from two now enlightened bear: In front of the building of the cemetery administration, behind the church is the map.

Cemetery management with a snowy map (see arrow)

The signposts are small panels on the side of the road that point into the rows of tombs.


Following our frozen noses, we reached the snowy grave. After we painstakingly exposed it, the setback came: There are seven people here, but no albrecht. One had exhumed his bones and then published them unknown. Today it is being enrolled as a memorial, which is why there is a wreath of the city of Nuremberg for his birthday.

The tomb of Albrecht Dürer
August 5 2018

Cake at Goldmarie in Bad Segeberg

Today we wanted to use the beautiful weather and went with our visit to the great Segeberger Lake and returned there in the Goldmarie. The place is very modern, neutral and Maritim furnished and you felt right there. The large panoramic windows showed a fantastic view of the lake. You have to order and pay directly at the counter and then get a tray on the way. There were some delicious pies and some ice cream. Ronnie ordered a Obstschmandkuchen with chocolate eclairs as well as an iced chocolate. I chose a piece of Zitronentarte and a Marajucasaft. The pieces were gradezu huge and the prices were relatively inexpensive. Moreover, it tasted just delicious! 🙂 [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "3860, 3857, 3858, 3859"]

August 4 2018

Cake at a bit of love in Hamburg

On our city tour with Eat the world through Hamburg Ottensen, we also came to the café love bit. Since we liked it so much, we finally had a real piece of cake. 😉 You order and pay directly at the counter and get the order then brought. However, this was a bit chaotic… Our order was brought to another table and then we had to wait a while for the drinks. Nevertheless, it was delicious. Ronnie ordered a piece of lemon buttermilk pie and a haugemachte lemonade lime-mint. I chose the cheesecake without floor and the homemade melon lemonade. The limos were very refreshing and the cakes deliciously creamy and juicy. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "3825, 3853, 3854"]

August 4 2018

Eat the world in Hamburg Ottensen

Although the district of Ottensen in Hamburg is rather unknown to us, we had booked a guided tour of Eat the world. You should book the tours early as they are booked out very quickly. Today we were also lucky with the weather, although it was warm but not too hot. 🙂 The tour lasted about three hours and was really interesting. In addition to information about the city district, there were six culinary stopovers. The restaurants and cafes were partly run by cross-entrants and they were rather small but very selected localities, all of which were very charming. As we learned, Ottensen is a very well preserved historic district with many small and winding alleys. It is very idyllic and quiet, but there are a lot of people who appreciate this district. Everything is very tightly built and the shopping street at the Altona train station is well attended. There are restaurants from numerous cultures, regular biomarkets and green backyards. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "3845, 3846, 3847, 3848, 3849, 3850, 3844"] Our guide Albert Voß was very sympathetic, could tell us a lot about the district and the localities and always paid attention to the fact that we left on time for the next stop. 😉 our guide Eiegntlich includes a tour seven culinary highlights, but since vacation time is, we got in a restaurant the double serving and there were only six for that. We made our first stop at the café. There, each of the 16 participants got a mini cupcake. A pity we found that there were only three cupcakes with a Himbeerfrosting and all the rest were with Erdbeerfrosting. We would have liked to have tried both. 🙁 The frosting tasted absolutely delicious, the chocolate dough was a little dry, but still tasty. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "3823, 3824, 3825"] The next stop led us to a very small and quaint Portuguese restaurant called Ribatejo. There was a kind of croquette with a filling of mashed potatoes and cod. Here there were two pieces for each participant and we took a longer break to drink there too. However, drinks are not included in the price of the tour. The small eatery has room for about 30-40 people and the Hoppelsteinpflaster of the street led to the restaurant as it used to be a blacksmith's shop. A stable door led out into a pretty backyard. The kitchen was also very small and on only about 4 square meters two chefs conjured up the little tidbits. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "3830, 3828, 3829, 3832, 3831"] The next stop was mainly for the women, because the path led us to B. Sweet. This is a lingerie with small delicacies. In the front part of the shop there are pralines, Macarons and other sweets. If you go in the back part, there are selected underwear. There are all kinds of colours and shapes and only pieces selected by the owner and all of them find their new owner through loving advice. The praline with dark chocolate and raspberry filling tasted delicious. In addition, you can specify food incompatibilities when booking the tour and these are also taken into account. So there was extra alcohol-free chocolates for us. 🙂 [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "3834,3833"] Then it went to a veteran Ottensens: into the movie House pub. There we got a glass of cheese spaetzle, some vegetables and rocket. It was delicious, only the noodles didn't taste like cheese as expected. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "3835,3836"] The penultimate stop led us to the central point of Ottensen: the Alma Wartenberg Square. Piazza Italiana has been located there since last year. It offers Spanish tapas and Italian pizza. We were given a slice of tortilla de patatas with homemade Aioli and Ciabatta. The Aioli was extremely creamy and delicious. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "3837,3838"] Finally we went to the box. There you can buy dips, sauces and kitchen accessories. The restaurant also houses a kitchen for cooking classes, a small stage and a café. We got there crackers with tomato wild garlic dip and a Mediterranean dip. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "3842, 3839, 3841, 3840"]    

July 27 2018

Total lunar eclipse 2018

It is the 27.07.2018, evening of total lunar eclipse 2018. Since it comes to certain constellations and light conditions, the moon appears to us in a reddish colour-as so-called blood moon. We were currently visiting the Eifel in a very small village called Bröhlingen. At about 21:30 o'clock we went up the field to the edge of the forest to catch a glimpse of the blood moon from there. Unfortunately, we were far too early for this and had to wait a while. We were just about to give up when we suddenly saw a faint red light at 22:05 pm. The Blood moon! [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "3893,3894"] To follow the lunar eclipse more relaxed, we went to the rural cottage, from where one had a magnificent unspoilt view towards the valley and towards the moon. In the distance were the lights of the Nürburgring and the high eight to be seen. the Bröhlinger hut in daylight about one paw below and to the right of the moon you saw another red shining point. This is Mars, which is currently very close to the Earth. This constellation exists only about every 100,000 years. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "3905, 3896, 3906"] Actually, at 22:20 o'clock the ISS should also fly by and be seen and presumably we have seen them, but we have been very uncertain. There flew quite a bit around. 😀 At 23:16 o'clock, the moon slowly became visible again in normal color for scraps. The darkness lasted until the 28.07.2018 ca. 00:15 pm. Then the moon was completely visible again. It was the longest lunar eclipse of the century. Here are our most beautiful snapshots. 🙂 [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "3898, 3899, 3900, 3901, 3902, 3903, 3904, 3897"]

July 7 2018

Cake in the café culinary delight in Lübeck

Since today was particularly nice weather, we took the opportunity and visited the organic confectionery palate delight in the Hüxstraße in Lübeck. We had often come past the café and today we could not pass the cute little table in the pretty shopping street. The cake is ordered inside directly at the cake counter and also pays everything immediately. Unfortunately, the cakes were not completely signposted and so we did not necessarily know what we ordered. Ronnie chose a piece of raspberry yogurt pie and I chose a kind of Danube wave. However, it tasted much healthier. 😀 It was a delicious Kirschcreme with cherries and a thick layer of bitter chocolate. The cake really tasted very good-just like homemade. 🙂 Moreover, the service was really friendly. Inside there were very limited seating options, but the tables outside were nicely covered and had a certain romantic flair. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "6298,6297"]