March 9 2019

Pandas wedding! -Looking for the perfect café-Part 1

At the beginning of March, the first café on our list opened after the winter break.

Our path took us to Steffen Farm Ice, a courtyard café with a farm shop. There is ice cream from our own production and cakes from the mill bakery in Gleschendorf.

We were only slightly irritated when we drove towards the farm, but luckily pretty quickly discovered some signs signalling to us that we were right here.

At first we came through the farm shop, which unfortunately had already closed. 🙁 In the winter season, either the shop or the café is open. Otherwise, we could have bought the delicious ice cream there, among other things.

From the shop, a wheelchair-accessible ramp leads down into the cafe's premises. The same looks very new and is stylishly decorated with its wooden tables.

Luckily there was very little going on and we could choose a nice place right by the window. Considering the season, however, the café was very well frequented. The choice of food was quite difficult for us, because there were many delicious and unusual types of ice and cake. : shock:

Finally, Ana opted for a buttercream stuffed butter pie, a scoop of banana caramel ice cream with nougat pieces, a scoop of Panacotta forest berry ice cream as well as a Fanta. I chose the bull cup (4 scoops of ice cream with decoration) and a hot chocolate. The varieties of chocolate with gingerbread splinters, cheesecake, yogurt raspberry ice cream with straciatellac squirrels and children's pengued found their way into my bellies. 😛

Our order

All food and drink offered in the production milk is produced with milk from the farm's own cows.

The café also serves country breakfast and crime breakfast buffets. The farm also offers guided tours of ice production followed by tasting.

We will definitely do our wait several more to try more delicious ice creams and take part in a guided tour. 😀

February 23 2019

Wedding location Cloudless

The weather lured us out of the house with sun rays and so we drove to Timmendorfer Strand for a walk. 🙂

Halfway from Timmendorf to Niendorf, the Wolkenlos restaurant is located on the sea shelter.

Reservations for lunch are not possible there due to seasonal factors. So we hoped we would get a table anyway. When we walked in, it occurred directly to us that the fancy stained glass windows in the ground, down to the Baltic Sea, were very polluted and hardly offered a great view anymore … 🙁

We were lucky and found a two-way table right by the panoramic window. From there we had a great view of the beach and the sea. The service was also very friendly and quickly accepted our orders.

The menu is relatively clear and so we had decided quite quickly. Ronnie ordered the burger Wolkenlos with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, guacamole and fries, as well as a fruity alcohol-free cocktail.

I ordered the curry cloudless with carrots, sugar snaps, bamboo shoots, peppers, rice and extra chicken breast fillet. I also took a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail.

Since the portions were not too large and we were still hungry, we ordered a dessert. I got a warm chocolate cake with liquid core and Ronnie an ice cream with hot cherries.

We were actually impressed by the food, but unfortunately the location will be out of the question for us as it is not wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, as a bear on mail requests, you also don't get any feedback … 🙁

February 19 2019

Pandas Game Test – The Legends of Andor-New Heroes

In addition to "The Legends of Andor," our master was also given the expansion "New Heroes." With this expansion, Panda gets four new playable heroes to play with up to six players, three new creatures that make the game more difficult and a state of the agenda that facilitates the game.

Our first test was with the new opponent "The drunken Troll." The other opponent is the "black Herald" for five and six players. Of course, we also played with the new heroes in this test. Ana chose the ferry reader and I chose the Tarus from Storm Valley. As the drunken troll moves with each event card regardless of the arrows, he makes the game nearly unpredictable and it's difficult to predict how opponents move in the next round. But with some deliberation and weighing up the situation, we have also mastered this challenge. 😉

We carried out the second test with the offsetting two heroes and the game facilitating the object "Bruderschild." During the game, however, we did not use the brotherline sign. : Neutral: At this point, it should not be ruled out that this was due to the hero we chose and the fact that the brother-in-law is irrelevant in fighting together. : Oops: Ana's hero was the guardian of the river land this time, while I played with the keeper from the black archives. We were also able to come to terms with these heroes very well. 😉

In summary, the first expansion is worth as much as the main game, as it provides even more variety and excitement with the new heroes and game variations. 🙂

February 16 2019

Pandas Wedding-Visit to the Bribe's Oak at Eutin

Today it was finally time and I asked my Ana the big question! To celebrate, we visited the groom's oak at the Dodauer Forst near Eutin after lunch.

The mother of our master had brought this to our attention. So we decided this is a beautiful day to visit this special place.

The way there was well signposted and right on site was a car park from which you didn't have to walk far to 500-year-old oak.

Signage at the car park

There was a large sign on the oak tree that told her story and on which we learned that the tree has its own postal address. Singles can write a letter that anyone is allowed to read. In fact, the secrecy of letters does not apply there. 😉 So we, too, looked at one of the letters. It was a kind of annonce with existing and desired features as well as a specified mobile number to find the right partner. 🙂 Allegedly, there have already been over a successful 100 marriages through the oak tree.

For all singles who are interested in it and want to try their luck:

Groom amseiheD
odauer Forst
23701 Eutin

Mailbox in the tree

We also learned that there is a partner tree near Dusseldorf: The Heavenly Spirits Chestnut! The two trees have been married since 2009. : Grin: It was a beautiful day and the forest surrounding the groom's oak is well suited for walks. Definitely a panda recommendation!

The groom oak
February 16 2019

Engagement Dinner at Flair Hotel Neeth

Yes! That was the word of our day. Today it was finally time and my Ronnie asked me the one big question. : oops:

In order to celebrate this event properly and since love famously goes through the stomach, Ronnie had booked a table at the Flair Hotel Neeth in wise foresight.

We got a two-bar table in the conservatory and were served very kindly and quickly. The menus included a seasonal game dishes and kale. Ronnie immediately ordered the Damwild roast and I chose the salmon fillet with colorful pepper. In addition, there were delicious market vegetables of the season with beard potatoes. For my taste, there were far too many onions in the vegetables, but otherwise it tasted really delicious. 🙂 Ronnie's roasts included croquettes, red cabbage, mushroom sauce and a pear with cranberries. It tasted very good for him, too!

As a starter, we got a small basket of fresh baguette, a herbal cream and a spicy pesto. Unfortunately, we were far too fed up for a dessert. : Grin:

Baguette, herbal cream and pesto

Since we like the restaurant very much and we have been really well catered for the second time, we have reserved a table for the wedding. Fortunately, there was still room in the fireplace room and own table decoration is no problem at all. Since everything is also wheelchair suitable, great! 🙂