March 9 2019

Pandas wedding! -Looking for the perfect café-Part 1

At the beginning of March, the first café on our list opened after the winter break.

Our path took us to Steffen Farm Ice, a courtyard café with a farm shop. There is ice cream from our own production and cakes from the mill bakery in Gleschendorf.

We were only slightly irritated when we drove towards the farm, but luckily pretty quickly discovered some signs signalling to us that we were right here.

At first we came through the farm shop, which unfortunately had already closed. 🙁 In the winter season, either the shop or the café is open. Otherwise, we could have bought the delicious ice cream there, among other things.

From the shop, a wheelchair-accessible ramp leads down into the cafe's premises. The same looks very new and is stylishly decorated with its wooden tables.

Luckily there was very little going on and we could choose a nice place right by the window. Considering the season, however, the café was very well frequented. The choice of food was quite difficult for us, because there were many delicious and unusual types of ice and cake. : shock:

Finally, Ana opted for a buttercream stuffed butter pie, a scoop of banana caramel ice cream with nougat pieces, a scoop of Panacotta forest berry ice cream as well as a Fanta. I chose the bull cup (4 scoops of ice cream with decoration) and a hot chocolate. The varieties of chocolate with gingerbread splinters, cheesecake, yogurt raspberry ice cream with straciatellac squirrels and children's pengued found their way into my bellies. 😛

Our order

All food and drink offered in the production milk is produced with milk from the farm's own cows.

The café also serves country breakfast and crime breakfast buffets. The farm also offers guided tours of ice production followed by tasting.

We will definitely do our wait several more to try more delicious ice creams and take part in a guided tour. 😀

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